Drawing on the Galaxy Tab 10.1

I purchased the Galaxy Tab 10.1 last month and I must say, it’s an excellent device.  It has the Droid Honeycomb OS which is intuitive and enables you to put widgets on your main screens, it has a sleek design, it’s lighter than the iPad, runs flash, the display is very bright and detailed anyd you can download great apps from an ever expanding Droid marketplace.

One app that I downloaded is Setchbook Pro for Honeycomb.  It’s a decent app for sketching/painting, but it’s not very pressure sensitive when drawing.  There is an assortment of brushes to choose from, but you cannot customize your own.  The UI is intuitive, however; it involves a lot of clicking around to get to where you want… I prefer the Photoshop UI approach where you can use floating windows that you can choose to hide or not.  The app has layers and opacity settings, which is useful.  The color pallet is standard.  I use the Galaxy Tab stylus from Samsung… the tip is pretty fat and replicates the surface area of a typical pinky… so it’s hard to get details.

Here is an image I created with the Galaxy Tab.

I’m looking forward to developers to improve this app, because I’m very impressed with the PC version!

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