Artist Development

Inspire Yourself

Inspire – verb /inˈspīr/ - Fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative.

Many of us have visited the happiest place in the world.  It’s ambiance is warm, welcoming and emits a sense of magical wonderment.  Disneyland has many imaginative touches, all of which add to its magic.  A cast of familiar characters roam the park and interact with guests, the architectural details fill our eyes with excitement and believably, lights and sound fill our senses, and so much more.  Because of the creative efforts put into the park, it evokes emotion and reaction in us.  It is inspiring.

As an artist, it’s important to have an inspiring work space that is custom to you and your medium; a place where you can be inspired by your own inspiration and magic.  Taking a note from Disney, I customize my work space with large scale models of favorite characters, posters of artistic styles that influence me, nostalgic images to ground me, my own personal work, reference material, music, lighting and of course, tech gadgets. Seeing my own progression of work and other artists’s work who I aspire to emulate, makes me want to be a better artist.  Being in the presence of intellectual property makes me want to create my own, listening to music with soft lighting puts me in a relaxed state so I can concentrate on my projects… Your working environment is a very important piece to the creative process and can stimulate, influence and inspire you. It should be a conscious space, that is intentional and tailored to you.

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