Artist Development

My First Gig

I recall the first time I drew.  It was on my first day of elementary school.  My mom dropped me off full of tears and fear to a room full of strangers.  Immediately, I sought after something that would occupy my anxiety.  I saw a kid in the back drawing on paper that he pulled from a roll.  The size of the paper intriqued me because prior to that, I only knew of coloring page dimensions… but this was much bigger than coloring pages… this ‘roll’ could make my drawing canvas as long as I wanted.

The kid in the corner was drawing stick figures, so I joined him and started drawing them too.  Stick figures are just circles and lines, so it wasn’t too difficult… I wanted more.  I was very imaginative, even at that age, and encouraged the kid to have a ‘doodle adventure’ with me.  With our stick figures, we drew an elaborate pirate adventure with characters and even a plot.  We continued down the roll and drew as long as we were allowed.  In a few days, we had an entire roll filled with drawings.  The class noticed what we were doing and wanted to be apart of it, so as a class, we all worked on paper rolls and came up with our own adventures together.

I’ve continued that creative path to my present day.  I love to work on my own ideas, but I also enjoy encouraging others and to see their creativity blossom.  It is rewarding when others can experience the joy of creativity as I and many of my other colleagues do.  It’s equally rewarding to see their growth and their skills improve.

All artists start with stick figures, but the more they draw and educate themselves, the more they master their skill and their creativity.  I try to draw in my sketchbook every night… over time, my sketchbooks have evolved to become journals, idea depositories, practice platforms and now, an impressive library.


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