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My Creative Diet

Everybody has a diet.  The word “diet’ is usually associated with skimping on food for weight loss, but the actual definition is food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.  This can explain why there’s a Taco Bell on every corner.  Many teen’s diets are pizza, Taco Bell and a 7-11 Slurpee.  Am I writing about food?  No.  This is a metaphor.  We all have diets in life – our television line-up is a diet, what websites we subscribe to is a diet, our preference in clothing is a diet – as an artist, I have a diet that helps me grow and perform at a peak level.

Here are the top 5 habits I have in my creative diet (CD) -

1. Create – When I’m creative, my mind is forced to focus, innovate, problem solve, ideate, coordinate, stimulate and therefore, my mind gets stronger.  I delve into a meditative mindset, which is both therapeutic and beneficial to good health.  Creating – drawing, painting, music, motion, etc. – is the number one arsenal in my CD.

2. Learn – My mantra is “if someone else has accomplished it, I can do the same”.  Now, obviously there are limitations to that statement – I’m not going to join the Olympics for figure skating, but I will try to master anything within reason that interests me.  I’ve held both senior technical and creative positions because I enjoy the intricacies of each skill respectively.  I find enjoyment in learning and pushing myself.  How do I learn?  Seek, read, listen, watch, practice, repeat – we are fortunate to live in an age where the internet is available for everyone.  I’m always viewing tutorials and expanding my knowledge.  Explore, desire information, and make learning part of your CD.

3. Write – When I write, I form thought into a tangible relay of information.  Like drawing, writing helps me stimulate my mind.  It enables me to express myself, formulate, and escape.  It’s a medium to record life and to read back later for reflection.  It is a  powerful tool that can cause wars or mend hearts.  Writing makes me quick and sharp.  It teaches me to expand my vocabulary and challenge my grammar.  A world can be formed by the click of the keys and the spark of the imagination.  What do I write?  Anything.  A play, a script, a story, a poem, a journal, a discovery and analyses, a food critique, a sentence fragment… The wonderful thing about drawing and writing is that there are no limitations.

4. Music & Media –  I listen to music, view images, go to creative events, and watch the shows that inspire and educate.  I enjoy going to art galleries and ingesting the many different styles, concepts and interpretations artists use.  I can relate to creative processes and execution and am usually inspired by the end of the tour.  Use other’s creativity to inspire your own.  Learn from others and try to mimic their style.  The more you take in, the more you can use in your database of acquired information for your own creativity.

5. Obsessive Creative Diet (OCD) – Finally, like many creative people, I obsess.  I am continually fine-tuning projects and thinking through solutions or a new idea I want to try while I work and even in idle time.

There you have it.  My top 5 habits in my creative diet… What are yours?

- B

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